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Damage Free Bottom Plugs

Retractable bottom plugs have long been an area of weakness in the industry. Traditional retractable solutions were plagued with many short comings and rightly labeled as expensive and maintenance nightmares. In recent years several companies have tried to improve on them.

The results were no better than what was previously available. They were simply a more complicated mouse trap. A more elegant and simpler solution was needed. One that would address the root problems with retractables. As a result our team, invented BLACK ICETM. This one of a kind mechanism is so revolutionary and bullet proof that we give you a limited Five Year Warranty with each one we build.

IMG_0193• Perfect linear movement after years of continued useoriginal black ice single

• Available in both single & split bottom plugs

• Retrofittable onto existing tools

• Quick change of bottom plugs

• Individually flood cooled
• All stainless steel construction.

• Zero wear surfaces