First Mover – Rapid Bottle System

Rapid Blow Mold Tooling

Baby Bottle Rapid Unit Injection Blow Mold Tool Original First Mover First Mover - A universal Injection Blow Mold tool for the plastic bottle industry

The First Mover TM is an advanced Injection Blow Mold based around a universal mold tool system to produce customer quality bottles in three to four weeks.  Bottles produced are guaranteed to meet SPI neck finish standards, where specified.  While others are still waiting to get back stereolithography models from  vendors you have actual bottles.

This powerful sales tool gives you a major advantage.  Your customers will be shocked that in a handful of weeks your sales team is presenting them with new concepts bottles.  All it takes is a finalized product drawing, purchase order, and down payment.  We do the the rest.   This turnkey operation puts a minimum of 500 bottles in your hands.  Hammonton Mold handles the unit processing off site.  This way none of your production machines are interrupted.

Your investment for a First Mover TM project is $11,000 to $12,000.  When the project goes to full production tooling you’ll receive a $2,000 credit toward that tooling.  You might be curious,  “Why is this so affordable?” or “How can it be so quick?”  The answer is easy to explain.  We measure our success in the growth of our customers.  When we can help you expand into new markets or reach sales goals, it strengthens us both.

[ The First Mover TM system works with any platform you may have.  Such as Uniloy, PET All, Jomar, Jet, etc. ]