Pushing Beyond the Machine Limits


 “To be competitive on bottle price, it sometimes

requires having more cavities than the other guy.”
Blue max cores

It is a matter of simple mathematics.  More cavities equals a higher per hour return on investment.  One limiting factor to max cavities is effective trigger bar size.  In order for us to remove that limitation, we needed to develop a machine adaption to provide for 44″ of trigger bar.  At Hammonton Mold we often find ourselves with these types of projects and we welcome the challenges they present.

By working closely with our customers, we engineered and improved on the original machine design.  The result allowed our customer to retire two smaller tools and run a single 20 cavity tool on a Uniloy 189-3S.  The machine screw and clamping hydraulics could handle the cavitation and now so could the transfer head.

Utilizing our Blue Max head component we increased the trigger bar by 5.1 inches of usable length.  The new design also proves to be more rigid than the stock trigger bar.


Blue Max Cavities