The Evo Nozzle

The time has come to stop fighting manifold heat expansion.

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Every processor knows they need to loosen nozzle clamps at shutdown and tighten at startup.  On a small machine this is easy to do.   The trouble is machines have gotten to a point where operator can barely reach the clamps.   Also they run the danger to getting burned on the machine nozzle and barrel.  No matter how well trained your team is operators often skip this step, causing nozzle damage and lost production time.

At Hammonton Mold we have invented a solution to do away with need to loosen and tighten bolts in the machine.  We call it the Evo NozzleTM.  This upgrade in technology does not come with a bloated cost of new manifold system.  It can be applied to most of your existing tools or as an optional up charge to new tools.  It is designed so that the injection blow mold tech need do nothing more than bring the tool to temp begin processing.

The simplicity of Evo is it’s strength.  It can be used with all resign types such as HDPE, PET, PC, PP, Kraton, etc.