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A True Full Service Tool Shop for Injection Blow

Hammonton Mold. Copper Blow mold cavities with necking rings installed. Universal
A production spice tool utilizing our Black Ice technology to move the bottom plugs in and out. Black Ice is guaranteed for five years to be problem or error free. The blow cavities and bottom plugs are built out of a Cu based allow. This universal mold material is widely accepted as the best for thermal conductivity and toughness

Blow Molds – Designed In-house

Our core business has always been Injection Blow Molds for three and four station machines.  Additionally we have been designing and building single and two stage Stretch Blow Molds since 1996.  Hammonton Mold is well versed in the design and manufacture of tolling for Jomar, Uniloy, Pet All, Wheaton, Nissei, or Aoki machines.

You will be hard pressed to find another tool shop with 30 years of our level of expertise in Injection Blow Molding.   During that time we have seen customers grow and merge into each other.  The old joke is that, “The names stay the same.  Just the business cards change.”  Hammonton Mold has been serving this tight knit industry helping customers as they need to merge product lines and transition molds across machine platforms.  We don’t feel that our success has been a result of luck but one of hard work and placing customers’ needs first.

When responding to a customer issue, speed is not the most important aspect of our response.  Rather accuracy of information and viability (including cost) of successful implementation.  A well thought out and engineered plan trumps a shot from the hip.  This is most evident when you consider how many of our competitors have fallen away.  Too many of them fell short when it came to innovating tooling that would make customer plants more profitable.  At Hammonton Mold we are not satisfied at just getting by with tools the way they were made twenty yeas ago.  We innovate solution to improve our customer’s bottom line.

jar cores in parison
16oz PP Jar tool running on a Uniloy Injection Blow Machine

3D LASER Scanning

The photo above shows a typical stock cream jar used in the cosmetics industry.  Our injection blow molds have ranged in size from 1cc to 2L.  Both of those successful containers were used for the scientific and laboratory testing.  In that market segment we have also developed new tooling for disposable poly carbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).  Some have been flasked shaped with engraved graduations in sizes 125mL, 250mL, and 500mL.  While others were roller culture bottles and wide mouth rounds.  The precision of injection blow molded neck finishes and controlled side wall thickness is most sought after in these types of containers.

Do you need Hardware or Tools?

Visit our online  storefront  for the odds and ends that every tool room and Injection Blow Mold tech should have on hand.  Don’t get stuck because the tool can’t go back into production without new manifold nozzles.

3D LASER Scanning

When the need arises, we can use a 3D LASER scanner to verify tooling dimensions or to reverse engineer tooling.  This gives us the ability to scan a point cloud surface and compare it our engineered CAD geometry.  If variations from the anticipated model exist they can be easily identified.

In those cases where you have old tools and there is no record of the past we can build reverse the design and bring it into our CAD system.  One example of this was when Mylanta had gone from an extrusion blow molded bottle to a new modern injection blow tool.  Our team worked closely with the customer to ensure that every facet and radius matched the iconic shapes.  In then end the shapes where indistinguishable from the original.

The most common use for reverse engineering and digitization has been cosmetics.  When a bottle shape goes from an artist concept sketch to hand carved model the final appearance trumps  all other concerns. 

LASER Engraving

micro engraving example

All of our tools are LASER engraved in house.  We also provide engraving services to other mold and tooling shops.  With our, five axis, 100 watt YAG LASER we have the ability to do micro engraving with a beam diameter of .003″.  The repeatably and consistency of the LASER also allows us to engrave graduations and scales on cavity side walls.

It is also a simple matter to import customer logos and other art work directly in to the engraving system.  For our injection mold customers who prefer to use Electron Discharge Machines (EDM) for final engraving shapes, we can work directly on your graphite electrodes.  Although with our LASER we are capable of engraving deep inside of cavities and tight spaces.  Something that can not be done with traditional pantograph and cnc machines.