Molding Innovations

New Technology for Injection Blow Molds

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Injection blow molding still remains a very profitable means of producing containers for many industries.  However this is based on faster cycle times and optimum cavitation.  At Hammonton Mold, we recognize that this can only come from a constant push to innovate.

You may be surprised at how many of the industry standards were brought about by our founder Luka Domazet and others here at Hammonton Mold.  Because Luka was a Master Tool & Die Maker prior to starting his business, he understood that innovation was as likely to come from the shop floor as the drafting board.  Most times this would be in response to customer needs.

Here are a few of our innovations:

single retract mark II
Black Ice TM
First MoverEvo NozzleTM First Mover
First Mover (Rapid Tooling.
 Blue max cores
  Pushing Beyond the Machine Limits
cloverflow  Improved Small I.D. Core Rods